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 Conker Wood and Oak Coffee Table

The table top  

  1.  The client wetting his purchase to see the colour and gain pattern under the dirt, fresh from the wood yard.
  2. The plank was too heavy to move into the workshop, so the table top and other projects were cut down to smaller parts on the trailer.
  3. The plank/table top was cut down in the thickness on a horizontal bandsaw.
  4. After the wood was recut we placed it in a woodkiln to reduce the moister content.Then the top was planed flat on the face and reduced to final thickness on the over head router.  
  5. A softwood full sized mock-up was given to the client to live with to confirm they were happy with the sizes prior cutting any nice wood. 
  6. The top being planed by hand to close the open grain after machine cutters had been used.
  7. A close up of the top surface (without polish).
  8. The leg frame and magazine rack used Oak from the clients own garden stock, The end rail showing though wedged mortice and tenons.

Olympic Torch Display cabinet   

  Case work made to house the torch , made in pine and fitted with a front opening door.

Olive Ash and Sported Yewwood bedside table 

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