S A SPOONER~ Heritage work

Heritage work 

Woodcarving in-situ at Hurst Collage Sussex. Carving a memorial plaque to match existing panels and fonts, incised letters, sealed and painted.  

Church sign remake 

The design and making of an information sign board at Ifield church near Crawley. The brief was to replace existing sign which had rotted at ground level,see photo 4, but to utilise the carved legs as much as possible. The old posts were scarfed  onto new green Oak posts which can be seen in the third photo. 

 English period Oak panelled room remodel 

English period Oak panels detailed with a fluted and reeded pilaster to the left of the jib door. The new panels in the process of being fitted, prior to plastering above dado level.The staining and polishing of woodwork to match old finish.

A Small Fireplace remake 

Big or small , it still deserves the same attention. This was made to replace the surround that was stolen from a clients home, sizes were gained by using witness  marks and family photos as reference. The original blue and white tiles were also stolen.

 Remodelling of an interior Panelled room, made in Pine  

  1. New panelled room entrance made to match all the details of the original panelling showing traditional side beads, ovolo moulds, raised and fielded panels.
  2. Close up of the panels being fitted, awaiting dados.
  3. New panel in the workshop made to incorporate t.v etc.
  4. T.v unit being fitted on top of base unit made with discreet doors. 
  5. The "Jib " door unit seen in main picture in the workshop, also seen laying on its back on site without door, showing the depth of cupboard.
  6. New dados made to old section.
  7. Awaiting completed polished room photos. 

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