S A SPOONER~ Kitchens


Gothic Oak 

 An Oak kitchen that was designed and made to fulfill the clients day to day needs and use but also wished that it would not date and had a timeless style.

The idea  was to borrow architectural elements from around the house and repackage them into a modern use, the room was a complete blank canvas other then the structural two posts and main beam supporting the floor above. The posts were crafted using hand tools to fit the design and height of completed units prior manufacture, the old yellow pine posts were then shot blasted to soften the look. All the joinery supplied to match and enhance the design including personnel doors , skirting and cornice.

Main view  of kitchen on home page.

Oak and Stainless Steel 

 An Oak and Stainless steel kitchen which was designed around the aga which was placed in an old inglenook. The main body of the kitchen supplied focussed around the island unit which housed the main white goods chosen by the client. The dresser was used to balance and maximise the storage  of the kitchen.

Book matched Tulipwood 

 A kitchen made from Tulipwood in which the door panels have been book matched and wood carefully placed to give a considered balanced to the overall look. 

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