Oak panelling and storage unit

 Oak panelling and storage unit made using traditional joinery methods, the storage unit area held restrictions which dictated the format, as access to electric meters etc was still required without being obvious. The client asked for a blend of French and English styling as he is a French man living in an English barn conversion.          

 Pippy Oak

 An Oak sample made from " Pippy Oak " to receive a specialist finish. 

The finished room can be seen on the "Staircase Page" under square turning.

 Aged new panelling to match

 A new addition to a period panelled room of a missing section covered over by a large piece of furniture. Measurements taken and the new panels  made in the workshop and polished prior to fitting, leaving just the waxing until fitted. 


 Oak panelling 

 This project can be seen in more detail on the "Heritage Page"  

A Softwood Panelling  Remodel 

The panel jib door has been removed

This project can be seen in more detail on the "Heritage Page" 

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