S A SPOONER~ Oak Gates

English Oak dive way gates with carved details and house name carving

 A pair of Oak drive way gates with incised carved house name, these gates are double boarded ( looks the same for both side) and have internal bracing. Carved detail to match the bespoke ironmongery. 

  1. Close up of the drive way gates prior to gluing and part way through carving of the house name.
  2. Oak gate with incised carved letters.

Gothic Oak Gate 

 Gothic Oak gate with carved relief carved panel detailed with Oak leafs and animals ( small, need to look closely ).

The house name is carved on the other side in Old English.  

Bespoke ironmongery by James Price. See Links


House Name Carved on Site 

"Two Kelseys" carved on an Oak 5 Bar gate made by "others",  Carved in situ at the clients home.

An Oak gate awaiting bespoke ironmongery 

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