S A SPOONER~ Restoration


Fireplace Remake, Remodel and Polish

A carved period fireplace surround with had its paintwork removed by the client, and stored in a barn with damp conditions resulting in glue failure and missing parts , The work required was to remake and carve missing parts and to build a new groundwork frame onto which all the elements are built upon. The surround was stained and polished to fit in with the clients taste and final location.  

Table repair and repolish 

 A French Cherry wood desk with polish and shrinkage problems, close up of the before and after results showing the open joints have been reduced but without the loss of any character or age,finished with new French polish. 

Leg repair 

Small jobs still require the same care and attention concentrating on the end result, here the brass caster had been ill repaired in the past which resulted in a loss of timber and a strong fixing which put strain on the sofas joints. New Mahogany was inserted and the beaded moulding repaired and carved. New polish was blended with the old surface and waxed. 

Green House Remake and Repair 

A larger project was the rebuild , repair and conservation of a derelict green house, though lack of maintenance to the lime mortar brickwork, the wall sank over time and the woodwork followed it, causing breakage and the opening of joints and then rot.We replace all the opening sashes with new and replaced old rotten Oak cills with a new sections on the ends and reusing old vertical glazing bars where possible. A  complete new frame along the front wall and new glazing bars on the angle. A new panelled door to replace the rotten one that was holding up the rotten house frame. Finished with breathable paint and curved ended glass panels as the original. 

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