Round top iroko timber doors with traditional joinery construction using hammer key joints.

Louvered door 

 An English Oak door set detailed with Louvered slats used internally as a boiler and electrics room 

 Mahogany 5 panelled front door  

A front door made in mahogany to be painted, the door is 8 feet x 3.6 feet wide and 3 inches thick detailed with floating raised & fielded panels,the silver/grey paint is a primer that was applied before gluing the door up.The door is to be fitted in side the Porch detailed under "Joinery".

Close up pic is final dry assembly prior painting and gluing. 

Softwood Victorian Door 

Softwood internal doors to be painted , detailing gunstock door stiles on the middle rail used to maximise glazed area of door. 

Oak round top door & frame 

 A round topped Oak framed, ledged, braced external door and frame. main photo taken after 1 year, oiling down to client! 

Tulipwood doors 

A pair of internal doors made from Tulipwood ready for painting and a close up of glazing bar , single glazed.

Garage door sets 


  1. Garage doors made in Softwood , finished in "Barn Black" Single glazed.
  2. The garage doors in production showing a close up of the "Gun stock" style uprights which are used to increase glass size.
  3. The doors in the process of being fitted on site.

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