S A SPOONER- windows



  1. Oak Jail bar double glazed windows made to consider odd shaped timber house frame.
  2. Detailed view of window.
  3. Oak door and side light.

 Painted softwood single glazed windows with oiled Oak cills

 Roof Lantern


  1.  Roof Lantern. Painted Utile wood  ( nearest to Mahogany ).
  2. Close up of the roof lantern sections showing the Gothic arch glazing bars.
  3. The Lantern in construction stage from the wall plate up having the moulded joist fitted prior glass templating.
  4. The Lantern now sitting on the wall of windows.

Gothic Oak Arched windows 

 English oak Gothic arched top Frame and opening sashes , bottom hung and single glazed.Finished items can be seen in  "Kitchens" in the main menu.  

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