Having crossed paths both professionally as Craftsmen and personally as friends, we thought it was about time that we formalised this, having both worked on the same commissions down the years as well as being avid fans and promotors of each others workmanship.   

 Stuarts time is taken up making new chairs to fit the clients shape and needs or restoring original antique chairs that have suffered.  

 Twenty five years ago I made my first Windsor chair. A challenging project but a very rewarding one involving a lot of experimenting with angles and drilling holes in the right places.

Architecture was my full time profession dating back to the 1960's, which I think contributed much to chairmaking, design wise and proportion, which  I have always regarded as paramount. The eyes will tell you whether things are right or not.Usually my chairs are made on a commission basis and include mainly handwork. They are not mass produced. I have made several different styles over the years and in some cases have worked from photographs, knowing from experience what the main dimensions would be.Every chair is an individually made piece and will last for many years. I also carry out restoration work on antique Windsors and other styles.

  •  Left to Right 

  • High spindle back made in Walnut with Elmwood seat £850      or made in Oak £850

  • Gothic splat made in Yew wood with Elmwood seat £1200 

  • Oak with Cabriole legs painted with any F&B colours to suit £820 

  • Low back made in Oak with Elm wood seat £800

  • Most styles covered, Single chairs to match carver P.O.A      

  1. Gothic yew and burr Oak seat with cabriole legs and crinoline rail.
  2. Stick and fret back in Cherry.
  3. Corner chair made in Oak.
  4. An Oak and Elm chair with cabriole front legs.

Stephen, Sussex based Craftsmen on       01444 882820     Email:   info@saspooner.com

Stuart , Sussex & Kent based Chair Maker      07933 759897