S A SPOONER~ Woodcarving

Wood Carving

Above is a snapshot of current staircase project that we are making , a copy of a Queen Anne staircase for a grade 1 listed property in London. 

  1. A Bas relief woodcarving of a client's likeness in fancy dress, carved in pear-wood.
  2. Greek Meth , a current project which can be seen in progress demonstrated on the company stand, see links page.
  3. A Grinling Gibbons style wall hanging pair carved in Lime wood.
  4. An English Oak fireplace surround fitted around the existing lintel beam, The trees were coopered and carved from solid timber constructed using traditional joinery methods  and finished with tinted waxes. 
  5. A close up of the female Barn owl.
  6. Wood mouse in her talons and of coarse still alive!
  7. A close up of the rest of the mouse family looking on.
  8. One of 40 Tudor roses carved to fit a staircase project in Oak.
  9. Copy of Michelangelo's Pieta head, purchased from the Vatican. The Bust required a support and a means of personalising the clients name and
  10.  anniversary.  A full size clay model in which ideas and scale were confirmed prior showing the client, once details and budget were happy we
  11.  moved on to making and carving the English Walnut.Finished with an oil polish and wax.
  12. A relief Limewood panel in the Grinling Gibbons school, the design copied from St Paul s cathedral. see links page.
  13. A Chinese fire screen made in Paddouk, the pierced panels had received damage and large sections were missing, those were replaced and fitted and then polished with the complete screen cleaned.
  14. Letter carving , see gates page.  
  15. Dave & Jennie's Barn Oak sign.     
  16. A Letter carving job for another local Craftsman, Alun heslop, chair maker,  see my links page.
  17. A close up of some of the 300 letters carved into the Oak seating. 
  18. The Finished project in local.
  19. Oak Gothic arched glazing beads for top rails in external doors.
  20. Oak Linenfold panels for the same Oak doors as the arched beads. 
  21. A sample for an Architect.
  22. Memorial plaque carved in Oak detailed with Richards hobby.
  23. The plaque in place. 
  24. Part of a pair of Mahogany tables made to clients size request,to receive stone tops.
  25. Close up of the hairy paw foot of the cab leg being carved at the bench.
  26. The four complete legs ready for fitting to table frame.
  27. An Oak framed and Limewood carved panel in the Gibbon's style.
  28. Memorial Plaque carved in Oak.

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