S A SPOONER~ Woodturning


Stephen at the Wadkin Ru lathe turning Oak hand posts for a garden architecture project 

  1. English Oak turned refectory table legs, carved with Gadrooning.
  2. The Bed project from Groombridge Place , Kent. in the process of being turned on the long lathe, the 3 posts turned to match, original seen hanging above the lathe for ease of measuring and shaping by touch and by eye.
  3. Close up of the bed post and how the turned mouldings match to original sections now the mortises and scribing have been hand worked.
  4. One of the Lathes , this one being the copy lathe, used for hand turning as well as multi work.
  5. English Oak balustrade detailed with curved wreathed handrail on arches and keystones, prior polishing.
  6. 3 part piano legs made in Beechwood.
  7. Large diameter softwood laminated cone.
  8. Turned and fluted legs made in tulipwood.    
  9. A sphere made from Birch plywood. 
  10. A Mahogany Sculpture mount plinthe turned to replace original plaster item.
  11. Plaster original sample. 
  12. An English Oak turned ball 13" diameter , turned for another Craftsman's project. 
  13. Oak spindles in the process of being turned.
  14. 40 No turned Oak buttons for a staircase project.
  15. Acorns in Oak , to be added to existing staircase newel posts.

 Above is a snapshot of current staircase project for a copy of a Queen Anne staircase for a grade 1 listed property in London. Woodturning and carving combined on a part of the gallery section of handrail.

 The "Gherkin"

A Laminated softwood scale architectural model of the "Gherkin Building"in London, made for part of a temporary exhibition showcasing iconic buildings in London. On show close to the London eye.   

Oak beams turned into columns   

 Oak columns turned from structural air dried beams now have the tenons cut each end with the top tenon have an extra turned disk with moulding detail, these are to be adjusted in thickness when being installed in the green oak Queen trusses, the four small turnings are to be used above the two main turnings in the small triangle to support a horizontal purlin beam, these will be cut to length on site.

Three of the four trusses assembled. Trusses made by "others"

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